Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine Review

Starbucks Barista Home Espresso MachineWhether you are an expert or just a rookie in espresso making, having an espresso machine is always a dream for everyone to have at home and starbucks barista home espresso machine is definitely on your top list to buy. Who needs to go outside to enjoy a cup of espresso with your relatives since there is one machine that allows you to enjoy store-quality coffee with comfort in your home? Besides the ease to use and operate in doing the making process of espresso, the simple yet sophisticated features become the best reason why you must have this espresso machine. Below are some points including the pros and cons you may need to think of before you choose starbucks barista home espresso machine:

Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine Review


  • Barista machine-standard. One of the main advantages that starbucks barista home espresso machine has to offer is the barista machine-standard that allows you to create the best taste of espresso with barista-pro level. Having this espresso machine at your home allows you to not only to brew a shot of espresso, but you can also use it to steam milk.
  • Sophisticated and reliable design. Other reason why you should buy Starbucks barista home espresso machine is because its sophisticated design that will complete the looks of your kitchen. This machine is made of stainless steel and available in gray color.
  • Functional features. Moreover, this product also equipped with a variety of functional features including tray screen, all 3 trays and 3 cups, water reservoir and also no portafilter or drip.
  • Compact size and weight. Last but not least, this machine also offers you with compact size (16.3 x 12.9 x 12.4 inches) and weight (19.5 pounds) that allows you to put and carry it anywhere to enjoy a cup of espresso in a practical way!


As this machine has barista standard, means that the operator should fundamentally has the knowledge on how to take care of this machine to make it lasts longer. In many cases, people may not aware about this. thus, it is basically important for the operator to ensure that they have learn in depth about the tips to take care of this machine and always clean the machine after they use, in order to prevent the malfunction. Otherwise, this starbucks barista home espresso machine will only have a short time of usage after you buy.

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